MobileBytes is a new and exciting iPad Point of Sale system. By leveraging Apple’s already easy to use iPad hardware and today’s cloud technology, MobileBytes has created a POS system re-envisioned for food service providers.

MobileBytes iPad POS is the next generation of technology for hospitality environments, such as:

  • Fine Dining to Quick Service Restaurants
  • Concessions and Event Centers
  • Coffee Shops and Bakeries
  • Pizza Delivery
  • Bars/Clubs/Lounges

Manage With Your Smartphone

You no longer have to run to the back office and print out stacks of reports to see how things are going. Simply use any computer, tablet or smartphone to gain instant access into your establishment’s financial and operational performance. You can update menus and pricing as well from afar.

Use Integrated Technology to Track Customers

MobileBytes POS includes access to Lighthouse, our Smartphone based loyalty app that uses iBeacon technology to communicate directly with your POS terminals. You’ll know instantly when your best customers walk through the door!

Pay at the Table!

Your customer’s credit card doesn’t have to leave their hand. The mag card reader is attached to the iPad and the iPad goes to the customer’s table. Swipe, sign, and email the receipt and the customer’s card never leaves their possession.