Digital Signage

Give your restaurant a contemporary experience and stand out from the competition with digital signage from Industry Weapon.

Spark has partnered with Industry Weapon to bring you a truly state of the art digital signage/menu board experience. Why consider digital signage in your restaurant? The answers are easy:

  • Significantly increase the sale of promotional items
  • Drastically lower menu change cost
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Outside demands requiring calorie information to be posted on menus is yet another great reason to look at digital signage and the ease of being able to make these changes electronically rather than re-printing as items change makes Industry Weapon an easy choice. For establishments with multiple locations, being able to centrally manage content the cost savings is clear.

Click here for a great case study to see Industry Weapon in action.

To see how digital signage or digital menu boards can work in your stores, call us at 800-338-9319 (option 2).

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